Hey! Incase you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m Laura & this is my space.

I have been a natural light — on location photographer for almost 9 years! Insane to think that 9 years ago I ventured out into this crazy industry and somehow, my passion is still strong enough to bring me to this present moment as a photographer and still say I enjoy it just as much as my first time photographing a client. My passion in photography boils down to LOVE. There is something about finding your “person” to spend your life with, then creating a life with that person & coming full circle and bringing that life into the world. My heart lies in your hands essentially. I want to grow with you as your love grows into new love that results into a family. If you’re not in that part of your life journey, thats ok. I ultimately just want to capture you, how you are in whatever place that may be.

I am a mom to a wonderful little boy, I know that seems pretty biased but he truly is a gift and he inspires me to continue to capture these moments that pass far too fast. I swear I blink and he is loosing another tooth, figuring out sentence compensation and schooling me on how to do science experiments. These are the moments that I wish I had someone to capture for ME. I always say “you’ll never regret getting professional pictures, but you’ll always regret NOT getting them”. I am a firm believer in getting professional photos done at least once a year because there are way to many moments I wish I would have had someone there photographing my memories for me.

I am a artist. From painting, to pottery to sculpture. My passion for art started young and my interest in photography soon followed. I am a solo mom — meaning I am doing this momming thing on my own, so I have a strong passion for serving other solo-parents. If you’re one, please say hello and connect. I’d love to encourage you.

I have moved all over the world. I have experienced many different things in life and my heart is open to so much more. I am a wanderlust and my passion for travel is growing stronger every day. I want to spread love, capture memories and show my passion for love through my images.

I hope you’ll stick around and please, say hello.





8 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. YOU are amazing && i love you to pieces !! my nephew is MY WORLD & i would do anything for you guys !!

    i love you && of course your photography is AMAZING <3<3

  2. You forgot to add, “and I’m the product of a amazing artist”
    Love your work, I’m your biggest fan.
    Post your best stuff here.

  3. Hey Lady, How much would it be for my husband and I to get some pictures done, also possibly add in our two dogs? THanks.

  4. Hi I am looking for maternity & newborn photos! Can you please email me back with prices and when your avaiable. Thank you!

  5. Laura,
    I saw some of your work that you did for one of my coworkers and she highly recommended you.
    We are a family of four. Children are 3 year old twins.
    Dad is deploying in dec and we would like to get some natural family photographs , including beach scenes.
    What are your rates and availability?
    Alta DeRoo

  6. Hey there!!
    My name is Holly and my husband and I are stationed here in NC 🙂 we live in Hubert and are expecting a bundle of joy. Ill be going into my 2nd trimester next week so I won’t be needing a shoot for a little while but I want to go ahead and look for a photographer now and see what prices are best. So please let me know your price info and all the details when you get the chance. Thank you 🙂 I look forward to hearing from you.

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