Hey I’m Laura & this is my space.

I have been a natural light — on location photographer for almost 9 years! Insane to think that 9 years ago I ventured out into this crazy industry and somehow, my passion is still strong enough to bring me to this present moment as a photographer and still say I enjoy it just as much as my first time photographing a client. My passion in photography boils down to LOVE. There is something about finding your “person” to spend your life with, then creating a life with that person & coming full circle and bringing that life into the world. My heart lies in your hands essentially. I want to grow with you as your love grows into new love that results into a family. If you’re not in that part of your life journey, thats ok. I ultimately just want to capture you, how you are in whatever place that may be.

I am a mom to a wonderful little boy, I know that seems pretty biased but he truly is a gift and he inspires me to continue to capture these moments that pass far too fast. I swear I blink and he is loosing another tooth, figuring out sentence compensation and schooling me on how to do science experiments. These are the moments that I wish I had someone to capture for ME. I always say “you’ll never regret getting professional pictures, but you’ll always regret NOT getting them”. I am a firm believer in getting professional photos done at least once a year because there are way to many moments I wish I would have had someone there photographing my memories for me.

I am a artist. From painting, to pottery to sculpture. My passion for art started young and my interest in photography soon followed. I am a solo mom — meaning I am doing this momming thing on my own, so I have a strong passion for serving other solo-parents. If you’re one, please say hello and connect. I’d love to encourage you.

I have moved all over the world. I have experienced many different things in life and my heart is open to so much more. I am a wanderlust and my passion for travel is growing stronger every day. I want to spread love, capture memories and show my passion for love through my images.

I hope you’ll stick around and please, say hello.




7 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. Hi Laura! I am looking to face my family photos taken. We are a family of 4 and my kids are adults so no toddlers. An outside setting would be great if you have ideas but if it is hot then may something close to sunset so we are not sweating lol. Tuesday or Wednesday is best for us if we can maybe book for the end of the month or even June. I look forward to hearing back from you and also to verify the cost as well. Thank you!

  2. Hi Laura!!

    I hope you are well. I’m sure you are super busy, but I wanted to see if you had anything available in the near future. I would love to have some photos done now that Henry is a little older and more expressive, which would be perfect for the holidays. Hopefully you are available, but I if not I definitely understand. I kinda waited til the last minute. I’m looking fo something quick, easy, and outdoors. Feel free to text me if that’s easier. I wasn’t sure how you preferred to be contacted. 281-703-2015

    Thanks for everything!
    Courtney and Niles Abbott

  3. Good morning Laura,
    You come highly recommended by my friend/neighbor Olivia Barnard. I was wondering if we could schedule a date for wildflower session? We are moving to El Paso so this will be our last chance for some good wildflower pics…
    Thank you,
    Suzie Greer

  4. I’d like to find out more about scheduling a fall phot session with you for my kids and I. Thank you!

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